Frequently asked questions

1. What can I do after your training?

We are professional programmers and teach you the best way to program using .NET. Those are the same coding techniques, that we employ when creating applications for our clients. That said, the kind of knowledge imparted is very high and it lets you do the following:
  • a. You can start an offshore consultancy and employ others. (or)
  • b. You can start a training center and train others. (or)
  • c. Join a software company as an employee.
We'd love to see our students as Entrepreneurs and will do everything we can, to help them build a successful career in IT.

2. What courseware materials do you use for training?

We use custom courseware that are specially designed for imparting the best .NET training geared towards building enterprise, distributed and smart client applications.

3. What topics are covered in your .NET training program?

Topics vary based on the course selected and is updated constantly. Therefore, please call us at 9884123793 to know more details.

4. Who are the audiences for your training?

All our courses are aimed at Students and Freshers. We do have advanced courses for experienced professionals.

5a. Do you offer placements?

Yes, we offer guaranteed job on completion of our Guru course. The .NET Guru course has a paid internship as part of the training program and on completion would fetch you an experience certificate for 1 year. You will be working as a trainee with the WAFY Technologies software development team in Chrompet. The internship would give you the edge of working with real software development teams and gain real-time knowledge from project managers, project leaders and other mentors.

5b. How is this different from placement offers by other institutes?

We are primarily a software company. Therefore, you'd be immediately offered a job in our software company at Chrompet on completion of the training program. Many institutes advertise about offering 100% placements to all students and never live up to their promise because they don't own a software company. They would send you for interviews with other small companies and if you are lucky you'd land on a job. It may not be a programming job. We on the other hand, live by our promises and that's the internship program all about. Our internship program secures a seat for you in the IT programming arena. 100% placement guarantees are advertised as a cover up for the incompetent, inexperienced faculties and courseware many instititutes provide. Such advertisements divert the student's attention from verifying the actual knowledge they will gain by joining such institutes. In the end, for 100% placement guarantee, institutes push students onto data entry or BPO jobs. Having lost their time and money, students have no option but to take a change of profession. Our unique .NET Guru course would definitely jump start your career by providing you with tremendous knowledge in .NET and programming job with paid internship. It's the only sure way of attaining a programming job. We have, what it takes to provide students the best of knowledge in terms of programming. Once trained, our students become a very valuable asset to any organization they join. 100% placement guarantees are just advertising tricks and we can only wish students don't fall prey to such false promises. There's no substitute for knowledge and hard-work. Therefore, seek the highest standards in education, practice as you learn from the industry admired experts and everything else will fall in place. Aim to be the best .NET programmer and don't just aim to land on a job. Getting a job quickly doesn't mean winning in IT. Remember, slow and steady, wins the race and for that you require highly experienced .NET trainers, who are established players in software development. That's the value we offer.

6. Why should we undertake your .NET training?

We have a successful track record in programming and project management. We have also recruited and trained numerous candidates, who are now well placed. We have been there and know exactly what it takes to become successful in IT. That's our biggest advantage and it makes us better trainers / mentors. Come talk to us, ask us a few questions in .NET, OOPS etc., and we promise you'll see the difference.

7. Who would be the trainers?

All our students are personally trained by Felix Marianayagam.J, PMP and Subha.N, PMP. They are the founders of WAFY Technologies Private Limited, a software company that has several international clients and .NET projects to its credit. WAFY Technologies is a Microsoft Certified Silver Partner. Microsoft has recognized WAFY for their expertise in .NET by awarding prestigious competencies in Software Development and Web Development. These competencies are given by Microsoft to companies that demonstrate the highest level of expertise in creating applications using Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework.

8. What is the qualification of the trainers?

9. Will the trainers (Felix and Subha) be replaced by other less experienced faculty after students join the course?

No. Both Felix and Subha are passionately interested in imparting their hard-earned knowledge and are very committed to that cause. They love meeting and teaching students. In addition, the training program is packed with transferring the knowledge and experience gained. Therefore, less experienced .NET trainers are out of question.

10. What is the duration and cost of the course?

Our primary expertise is .NET and ONLY .NET. Therefore, we have many variations of the .NET training program targetting the requirements of various audiences. Please call 9884123793 for more details.

11. What certificate would we receive on course completion? Is the certificate recognized and valuable?

We provide course completion certificates. Our certificates tell the employer that you have completed professional training in .NET. This is not a diploma or government registered certificate. However, this certificate would have more value, as it is offered by a software company recognized by Microsoft and not a normal training institute. We can also guarantee that, you would be preferred over many other programmers because of your subject matter expertise. Rather than memorizing the concepts and answering the interview questions, you would rather be explaining your understanding of what you have learnt and that would definitely make you stand out from the rest of the candidates.

12. What other programming courses do you offer apart from .NET?

None. We don't offer any other programming courses apart from .NET. .NET presents the greatest opportunities and is the preferred choice of platform for both developers and companies alike. We are experts in .NET and have been working using .NET since its early beta.

13. How many students will be there in a batch?

We enroll only 10 students per batch. We guarantee individual attention to students and that is the reason, we don't enroll a large number of students.

14. How do you think you'd be able to pass on your expertise and not just bookish knowledge?

We have verifiable experience in programming and project management. Over the years, we have worked hard to learn the best methods available in writing programs and selling software services to customers. We have also invested a lot of time in research and development. This has given our business, an added edge when it comes to developing solutions using the .NET Framework. Our high grasp of programming, enables us to naturally pass on the acquired knowledge to students. Therefore, we end up teaching the "best and fastest way of developing .NET solutions" as opposed to "how to write programs in .NET". For example, we teach "How/When/Where to use .NET Data Binding effectively?" in addition to "What is .NET data binding and how to implement it?". While the latter could be used during .NET interviews, it won't help when it comes to developing real-time applications using .NET. The former would jump start your learning curve from where we are and will also serve in answering the interview questions confidently.

15. Is there a minimum qualification for your training?

No. Anyone interested in learning .NET can take up our training programs.

16. I'm in the first year of college. Can I register?

Yes, very much. Planning for a programming career and preparing yourself for a professional job in IT, should start early.

17. I'm a school student. Can I register and develop programs?

Yes, very much. We will teach you everything we know in .NET. Just make sure you are not too young to become a geek and earn money online.

18. Will there be practice sessions and theory sessions separately?

Yes but more practice oriented. The programs will be displayed on the projector for you to try out as the session is progressing. Practice as you learn is our motto. In addition, you'd be able to compare your programs with those of Felix / Subha and learn from it. Unlike other training institutes, you will never be left alone to figure out solutions by yourself or by asking your friends in machine room sessions. As a matter of fact, we encourage students interacting with the trainers than talking within themselves to clarify doubts. We'll get downright practical on coding. The course is more oriented towards hands-on coding.

19. I have already studied .NET in a different training centre. Can I upgrade my skills?

Absolutely and you definitely should. Being adept at newer versions and constantly updating your skills are mandatory, when it comes to out shining your peers in a programming career. Consider meeting Felix/Subha to discuss about what you have already learnt and how you can benefit from our .NET training programs.

20. Can I get an experience certificate?

Yes. We have courses that give you the option of working in our software company to earn experience certificates. We would be offering you the opportunity of programming real-time applications and working closely with our development team.

21. Can I write competitive Microsoft exams after completing the course?

Yes. You should consider taking a couple of Microsoft exams in .NET and SQL Server as it increases your credibility and value as an IT professional. However, taking up a competitive exam alone will not get you the coveted IT job. Practice makes perfect. We put students through coding at every stage of the training. This gives them an added advantage of being able to create professional programs, which they can sell in the market. The added benefit is that, students get a deeper understanding of the intracies involved in programming and solving difficult problems.

22. What do you recommend for freshers and students keenly interested in developing their career in IT?

a. Seek knowledge and be an ardent student of programming. You got to learn from the best and it goes a long way in shaping your career.

b. Understand that learning is not an one time activity. You got to vow to continue learning throughout your life, else you'd be left behind.

c. Pack on some good communication skills. It's the key to secure any job. IT is no different.

d. Showcase programs that follow acceptable industry standards and is verified by a professional to potential employers. Employers would be happy to see that you are very passionate about programming and have taken pains to develop it. This would show that you are committed to your profession. That's a very good sign.

e. Create a blog or a website that helps you showcase your resume and skills.

We work with our students on all of the above and more. We go beyond .NET training and always give more than what we receive.

23. Can I register for a basic course and later upgrade to other advanced courses that you offer?

Yes. All our courses are styled to suit progressive learning. Therefore, you can register for courses incrementally. Additionally, this also paves the way for knowing your trainer and the high level of knowledge we impart.

24. Will you still offer me a 1 year experience certificate, if I join for the training but do not work for a period of 1 year? I will still pay for the entire training course but won't work for 1 year. Is that acceptable?

It's a strict "No". We will not offer fake experience certificates. It's forgery and we do not tolerate such practices. You will have to undergo the full training with internship in order for us to vouch for your .NET programming skills and back it up with an experience certificate.

25. If I don't complete the full internship program, will I still get a 1 year experience certificate as promised?

No. In that case, experience certificate will only reflect the period for which you have worked with us.

26. Will I get time to try programs during classes?

Our training is very interactive and is coding intense. We make students "watch and learn" the best way to code. This is the best way to learn the methods (tips and tricks) being used by the experts when developing applications. For example: You will learn tricks like "Type the name of the Class, highlight it and press Shift + Alt + F10 for adding namespaces to the Usings clause". As specified earlier, we get more practical than theoretical. So, please rest assured that we will not let you fend for yourselves during practical sessions and have some inexperienced coordinator watch over you. That's just not us.


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