.NET Training

Guaranteed .NET programming job internship for 1 year. Limited seats. Enroll immediately.


Less of boring theory! Hands on programming is our training methodology! You'll love it.


All our .NET courses impart training in the form of iterative code development. We follow the 80/20 principle. 80% code and 20% theory. Don't you think it's exciting to code and learn programming, rather than hear boring lectures? Below is a snap shot of the application you'll develop with us during the training sessions. Theory will be sandwiched nicely in-between coding sessions.


The below screenshot depicts the kind of .NET application that you will program together with the instructor during our training sessions. It's going to be fun. Isn't it?

We train students, not only in technologies & programming, but also the rules of engagement in professional programming practices, that should be followed during application development. Throwing a bunch of controls and code cannot be called good programming. Coding is an art and we teach you that skill.

What good is programming, if you cannot sell the application you develop (or) make money out of your knowledge and learning? What every IT job aspirant needs is hands-on expertise in programming that makes them start coding, the very first day on their job. You earn when you make your employer earn. You will be confident in attending interviews, when you really know the subject. The subject that we are talking about is PROGRAMMING. You can't by heart it or mug it up. It's out of the question. You'll have to experience it and practise programming daily.

Wouldn't you like customers to purchase your .NET application? Your employer to love the application you develop? Exceed expectations on the job? It's all about aesthetics, developing code that's manageable, scalable, robust and prepared for the vertical market.

Find below another screenshot of the application that you'll be taught during our training sessions. The highest in standards and the very best of .NET application development. Sell what you develop to the very best in the industry. Isn't it lovely?


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